Discover the Captivating World of Martha’s Vineyard in Show Me a Sign (Book 1) – A Riveting Tale of Deaf Community and Challenging Norms

Welcome to our review of “Show Me a Sign (Show Me a‍ Sign, Book 1): (Book #1 in the Show Me a ⁢Sign Trilogy)”! We are thrilled to share‍ our first-hand experience with this captivating‍ novel that takes⁢ readers on an extraordinary journey through history and challenges ⁢our perceptions of⁣ ability and disability.

Authored by Ann Clare ‌LeZotte,‍ a​ deaf writer,⁤ “Show Me a Sign” is a masterpiece inspired ⁢by the true history of ⁤Martha’s Vineyard,⁢ a thriving deaf community in ‍the early ‌19th century. LeZotte expertly weaves ⁣together a riveting narrative that explores​ ableism, racism, and colonialism, prompting readers to⁤ critically‌ examine‌ their core beliefs.

From the very first page, ‌we ⁢were drawn into the world of Mary Lambert, a young girl who⁣ feels safe and connected to her deaf heritage on Martha’s⁣ Vineyard. However, as events unfold, Mary’s world is shattered. Her brother’s death leaves her family in turmoil, and tensions between English settlers and the Wampanoag people escalate. To make matters worse, a relentless scientist arrives on the island, determined ‍to⁤ uncover the origins of the prevalent deafness. Mary’s struggle to save ⁤herself becomes the heart of this piercing and poignant novel.

LeZotte’s writing is exceptional, evoking a sense of empathy and understanding‌ for⁣ her characters. The well-researched historical backdrop adds depth ​and authenticity to the story,⁤ immersing readers in the rich tapestry of Martha’s Vineyard’s ⁤past. LeZotte’s attention to detail and⁤ her ability to tackle complex themes with sensitivity and relevance make “Show Me a Sign” more than just a page-turner. It is a thought-provoking exploration ‍of identity, ‍community, and the power of ⁣resilience.

Critics have raved about this book, and it’s easy to see why. Awarded the 2021 ⁢Schneider Family Book Award, named among the NPR Best ‌Books of 2020, and⁢ receiving accolades from esteemed⁤ publications and⁢ authors, “Show ‍Me​ a Sign” has garnered well-deserved praise and​ recognition.

As we delved into the pages⁣ of this extraordinary novel, we‌ were completely blown away. LeZotte’s storytelling captivated⁤ us from start to finish, leaving us with ‍a profound sense of admiration for Mary’s journey and an understanding of the complex issues she faces. It is a⁢ triumph of a book that deserves a ‌place on every reader’s shelf.

Published by Scholastic‌ Inc., “Show⁢ Me a Sign (Show Me a⁤ Sign, Book 1): ⁢(Book #1 in the‍ Show Me a Sign Trilogy)” is ​part of their prestigious Scholastic Gold line,​ which features award-winning ⁢and beloved novels. The paperback edition ​spans 304 pages and is suitable for readers aged 10-13 years. ⁢It also includes exclusive bonus content that enriches the‍ reading experience.

In conclusion, we cannot recommend “Show Me a Sign” enough.⁢ Mary’s world will​ transport you, challenge you, and ultimately leave you better for it. Don’t miss ⁣out on this incredible reading experience that pushes boundaries, sparks conversation, and ⁢highlights ‍the power of‌ storytelling.

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Overview of the “Show Me ‌a Sign (Show Me a Sign, Book 1):‍ (Book #1 in the Show⁤ Me a Sign Trilogy)”

Discover the Captivating World of Martha’s Vineyard in Show Me a Sign (Book 1) – A Riveting Tale of Deaf Community and Challenging Norms插图
In the captivating “Show Me ⁢a Sign,” author Ann Clare LeZotte takes readers on a journey to the early 19th century,⁣ where a thriving ‍deaf community exists on Martha’s Vineyard. Inspired by‍ true ‍history, this piercing and well-researched story delves into themes ‍of ableism, racism, and colonialism, prompting readers​ to question societal‌ norms and examine core beliefs.

Critics ​have unanimously praised “Show Me a ​Sign” ​for its exceptional storytelling and profound⁣ exploration of important‍ issues.⁢ Kirkus Reviews calls it a “must-read,” while ‌Newbery ⁢Medalist Meg Medina hails it⁣ as “more than just a page-turner.”⁣ Brian Selznick, creator of ⁣”Wonderstruck,” describes the book as a triumph, and The Horn Book praises⁣ its expert craftsmanship. With such high⁢ acclaim, it’s ‌no wonder this ‌book has won the ⁣2021 Schneider Family‍ Book Award and secured ⁢spots‍ on numerous prestigious lists of the best ⁣books of 2020.

The story⁣ revolves around ⁣Mary Lambert, a young girl‌ who has always felt‌ safe and connected⁤ on​ Martha’s Vineyard,⁣ thanks to her ‍deep roots in the deaf community. But as‌ tensions⁤ rise between English settlers and⁤ the Wampanoag people, and a​ relentless scientist arrives determined to​ uncover the island’s deafness, Mary finds herself caught in a ⁣cruel‌ experiment. Her ⁣struggle to save ‌herself ‍becomes the heart of the novel,⁢ challenging readers to reconsider their perceptions of ability and disability.

Immerse ⁣yourself in Mary’s‌ world and join ‍her⁢ on this captivating journey by diving‌ into “Show Me a ​Sign.” This critically⁢ acclaimed book is a must-read for readers​ aged ‌10 to 13, offering a​ profound and thought-provoking ‌experience. Experience the depth of‍ this exceptional novel⁣ for yourself by getting your copy today from Amazon.

Highlighting the unique features​ and aspects of the “Show Me ⁤a⁢ Sign (Show ⁤Me a Sign, Book 1): (Book ⁣#1 ⁢in‌ the Show Me ​a Sign ‍Trilogy)”

In​ “Show⁢ Me ‍a Sign,” author Ann Clare​ LeZotte takes us on a captivating journey into ‍the early 19th ⁣century, where we are immersed in​ the unique and thriving deaf community of Martha’s Vineyard. Inspired by ‌true history, LeZotte ⁢skillfully weaves a tale that explores themes of ableism, racism, and⁤ colonialism, prompting readers to question societal norms and deeply-held⁢ beliefs. The author’s piercing exploration of‌ these complex⁢ issues makes‌ this book not just a page-turner, but also a thought-provoking read that will stay with you long after you’ve turned the last page.

One of the standout aspects of “Show Me a Sign” is the meticulous research that went⁤ into its creation. LeZotte’s attention to detail is evident throughout the book,⁤ transporting us back in time and​ allowing us ‌to fully immerse ourselves in Mary Lambert’s world. The well-researched and spare prose⁣ evokes ‍a‌ range ⁢of emotions, from‌ the ⁤sadness and grief Mary and her family experience to the tension ⁤simmering ​between the English settlers and the Wampanoag​ people. LeZotte’s exploration of⁣ the origins ⁢of deafness on the island⁤ adds another layer of intrigue to the story, as Mary finds herself at the center⁤ of ‍a⁤ disturbing experiment. This expertly crafted narrative will not only ⁢enthrall readers but also leave‌ them with a deeper understanding of ‍the complexities‍ of ability and disability.​

If you’re⁤ searching for a captivating​ and thought-provoking read, “Show Me a Sign” is a must-read. Don’t miss out on this critically acclaimed book that has garnered praise from critics and readers alike. Join Mary on⁤ her journey of self-discovery and resilience as she fights to save herself and her community. Get your copy⁢ today and‌ delve into⁢ the rich history and poignant themes of “Show Me a Sign.

Detailed insights and specific recommendations for the “Show Me a Sign (Show Me a Sign, Book 1): (Book #1⁤ in the Show Me a Sign Trilogy)” product

In⁤ “Show Me a Sign (Show Me a Sign, Book 1): (Book‌ #1 ‍in ‌the ‌Show Me a Sign‍ Trilogy),” Deaf author​ Ann Clare LeZotte takes readers on a captivating journey through the early 19th century, drawing inspiration‌ from the rich history of a thriving deaf community‌ on Martha’s Vineyard. This thought-provoking novel explores themes of ⁢ableism, racism, and colonialism, challenging​ readers to‌ question societal norms and examine their own beliefs.

The book has garnered high praise from critics, with Kirkus Reviews⁢ describing it as a “must-read” and the New York Times lauding‍ it ‌for being well researched, ‍spare, sensitive, and relevant. With its engaging storytelling and expertly crafted narrative, “Show Me a Sign” is more than just ⁣a page-turner—it is a profound exploration of identity and⁢ resilience.

One of the standout⁣ features of this book is its ⁣attention to detail and historical accuracy. LeZotte’s thorough ⁢research shines through, providing readers with a ⁤glimpse into the unique culture and language of⁣ the ⁤deaf community on‍ Martha’s Vineyard. The richly⁤ developed characters and their complex ⁣relationships add depth and emotional resonance to the​ story. Overall, “Show Me a Sign” is a triumph of storytelling that will leave ⁣readers reflecting on the power ⁢of language, inclusion, and the strength⁤ of the human spirit.

If you’re ​ready to dive into a riveting ⁢tale that challenges societal norms and ​delves ⁣into the depths of human resilience, then “Show⁤ Me a Sign (Show Me ‍a⁢ Sign, Book⁢ 1): (Book‍ #1 in the Show Me a Sign Trilogy)” is‌ the ​perfect choice. Join us on this extraordinary journey and discover ⁤the captivating⁤ world of Mary Lambert and Martha’s Vineyard. ⁣Grab your copy today from Amazon to embark on a reading experience⁢ that will change the ⁢way you see the world.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

Our customers ‍have shared their ‌thoughts⁣ and opinions on “Show Me ⁢a Sign (Show Me a Sign, Book 1):⁤ (Book #1 in the Show Me a Sign ‌Trilogy)”. Here’s a summary of their‍ reviews:

Review Rating
Amazing book! One⁣ of my favorites. Would ⁣recommend. ★★★★★
Used this as part of⁤ a novel study with my 8yo. A well-done book with a variety of‌ themes to explore, and a good overall read. The delivery took a bit long, but once it arrived, it⁢ was engaging​ as a read-aloud. ★★★★☆
Mary is coming of ⁢age, haunted ‍by the guilt of her role in ⁣her brother’s death, and protected from the harshness of the world. ‌The book explores the challenges faced by the ⁢deaf community outside the island. The story is riveting, although the resolution feels a bit too ⁤easy. It⁤ also educates readers about the history ​of American ‍Sign Language. ★★★★★
Bought this for my niece and she ⁣loved⁣ it! She immediately started reading and couldn’t put ‍it‌ down. ★★★★☆
There was a captivating⁤ and ⁢unexpected twist in the story⁤ that kept me hooked until ⁤the end.⁣ A​ beautiful and riveting tale inspired by the Deaf community in Martha’s Vineyard. ★★★★★
Reading this book together during tutoring sessions has been a⁤ rewarding experience. It challenges readers⁣ to imagine scenes and understand unspoken meaning. ★★★★☆
I wish there were more stories like this one. It held⁢ my attention and made me realize the importance of​ having fluent⁣ sign language‍ friends like Mary’s friend ‌Nancy. ★★★★☆
Slow-moving⁤ and not very interesting. My students struggled⁤ through it, so I won’t recommend ⁣it further. ★☆☆☆☆
While⁢ it was a good book, I ⁣found it a bit depressing due ‍to the abundance ‌of negative views and thoughts. ★★★☆☆

Based on our ⁢customers’ feedback, “Show Me a Sign (Book 1)” has received⁣ mostly positive reviews. Readers were captivated by ⁣the book’s theme, engaging story, and its exploration of​ the deaf community in Martha’s Vineyard. Some readers appreciated the educational aspect of⁤ the book, learning about the history ‍of American Sign Language.

While⁤ many reviewers‍ enjoyed the book, a few found the pacing ​slow or the writing ⁣less interesting. However, it’s worth noting that ⁤these ⁣opinions were ⁢in the minority.

Overall, ‍the positive reviews outweigh the negative ⁢ones, making “Show Me a Sign ⁢(Book 1)” a recommended read‌ for those⁤ interested in a captivating story set in the​ deaf community of Martha’s Vineyard.

Pros & Cons

Pros and Cons


  • Engrossing and captivating storyline that keeps⁣ readers hooked.
  • Fascinating exploration of ​the deaf community‌ on Martha’s Vineyard in the 19th century.
  • Thought-provoking themes of ableism, racism, and colonialism.
  • Well-researched and sensitive portrayal of historic events.
  • Strong character development, especially with the protagonist, Mary ⁣Lambert.
  • Accessible writing style that appeals to readers of various ages.
  • Positive representation of the deaf community and sign language.
  • Recognized by leading publications and ⁢awarded the‌ Schneider ⁤Family Book Award.
  • Inclusion of exclusive ⁣bonus content in‌ the Scholastic Gold edition.


  • At times, the pacing of the‍ story may feel ⁢slow.
  • Some readers may find ​the⁣ themes⁣ and subject matter heavy or intense.
  • Limited focus on secondary characters and their development.
  • Plot twists may require suspension of disbelief.

In conclusion, Show Me a Sign (Book 1) offers an immersive and compelling reading⁣ experience that delves into important historical and⁤ societal ⁤issues. While the⁤ pacing may require patience, the novel’s thought-provoking ‍themes and⁤ strong protagonist make it a‌ worthwhile read for those interested ​in the ⁣deaf community, Martha’s Vineyard‍ history, and challenging societal⁤ norms.


Q:⁣ Is “Show Me a ⁢Sign (Book 1)” ‌suitable for all age groups?

A: “Show Me a Sign (Book 1)” is recommended for readers aged 10⁣ to ‍13 years,​ typically falling within ⁢the grade levels of 3 to 7. However, the book can be enjoyed by readers of all ages⁤ who ‍are interested ⁣in captivating stories that explore important themes such as ability,⁢ disability, ⁣and cultural diversity.

Q: What makes “Show Me a‍ Sign (Book 1)” unique and captivating?

A: “Show Me a Sign ‌(Book 1)” stands out due ‌to its ⁤unique setting and ‌inspiration from the true ⁤history of a deaf community on Martha’s Vineyard ⁤in the early 19th century. The author, ‍Ann ‍Clare LeZotte, crafts a riveting tale that delves into ‍themes of ableism, ‌racism, and colonialism, encouraging readers to question societal norms and⁢ examine their own beliefs. The book has garnered ⁣critical acclaim⁢ and has been praised for its well-researched and⁢ sensitively written exploration ⁣of these complex issues.

Q: Does “Show Me a⁣ Sign (Book 1)” have any companion books?

A: Yes,​ “Show‌ Me a‌ Sign (Book 1)” has a companion book called “Set Me Free.” While “Show‍ Me a Sign (Book 1)” ‍is the beginning of the⁤ Show Me a Sign Trilogy,‍ “Set Me Free” continues the story and⁣ further ⁣explores the captivating⁢ world of Martha’s Vineyard. Readers who‌ enjoy the first book ⁢will ​likely be ⁤eager to dive into the sequel​ and ⁢continue their journey ‍with the⁢ characters.

Q: What are some notable accolades and reviews that “Show Me ⁣a Sign (Book 1)” has received?

A:‌ “Show⁤ Me a Sign (Book 1)” has received​ several notable accolades and positive ‌reviews ⁤from critics and ⁣readers ⁣alike. It won the 2021 Schneider Family Book ​Award and has been included in prestigious lists such as⁢ NPR Best Books of 2020, Kirkus Reviews Best Books ⁣of 2020, School Library Journal Best⁤ Books ‌of‍ 2020, New York⁤ Public Library Best Books of 2020,‌ and Chicago​ Public ⁢Library Best Books‍ of⁢ 2020. It was also a finalist for the 2020 Jane Addams Children’s Book Award and ⁢the 2020 New England Independent Booksellers Award. ‌Reviews from Kirkus Reviews, The‍ Horn Book,‌ School Library‍ Journal, Publishers ​Weekly, and other respected sources have praised the book for its ⁤expert ⁤craftsmanship, compelling storytelling,⁢ and profound exploration ⁤of internal journeys.

Q: Is “Show​ Me a Sign‍ (Book 1)” only focused on deaf culture, or does it touch on other themes as well?

A: While “Show Me a ​Sign (Book 1)” ​has a strong focus on deaf culture,‍ it also explores broader themes such as ability, disability, racism, and colonialism. The story delves into the complexities of these issues and challenges ⁢the⁤ reader’s perception of what is considered normal. The book aims to start conversations about ​societal⁢ norms and how they impact marginalized communities, making it a thought-provoking read beyond its exploration of deafness.

Q: Can you tell us‌ more⁣ about the author, Ann Clare LeZotte?

A: Ann⁢ Clare LeZotte, the author of “Show Me ​a Sign⁢ (Book 1),” ⁣is herself ⁣deaf. Her personal experience and deep understanding of deaf culture shine through‌ in her writing, allowing readers to immerse themselves in an‌ authentic and rich ​portrayal of the deaf⁢ community. LeZotte’s expertise and passion for storytelling ‌make “Show‍ Me a Sign (Book 1)” an engaging and impactful read for ‌people of⁢ all backgrounds.

Unleash ⁣Your True Potential

In⁤ conclusion, Show Me a Sign (Book ⁣1) is a captivating and thought-provoking novel that immerses readers ⁣in the unique world of Martha’s⁣ Vineyard. Deaf author Ann Clare LeZotte skillfully weaves a riveting tale inspired by the true history of a⁢ thriving deaf community in the ⁤early 19th century. This book‍ goes beyond​ being just‌ a page-turner, delving into important themes of ableism, racism, and colonialism.

The⁢ accolades⁢ for Show Me a Sign speak for themselves, with the book winning the 2021 Schneider Family Book Award and being recognized by ⁤NPR,⁢ Kirkus Reviews, School Library‌ Journal, and more. ⁤The praise from esteemed authors like Newbery​ Medalist Meg Medina and Brian Selznick​ only‍ further emphasizes the impact and power of this remarkable story.

The protagonist, Mary Lambert, takes readers​ on a journey of self-discovery ⁣and ‌resilience. As the tensions between English⁤ settlers and the Wampanoag people escalate, ⁣Mary finds herself at the center of a ruthless scientific experiment. Her⁢ struggle ⁢to save herself challenges our perceptions of ability and disability, while also shining a light on the importance of community and heritage.

If you’re looking for ⁤a book that will enthrall ⁤you, provoke introspection, ‍and ‌transport you to ​a fascinating historical setting, Show Me a Sign (Book 1) is a must-read.‌ Don’t‌ miss the chance to experience‍ Mary’s world and be forever​ changed by her story.

To embark on this extraordinary journey, you‍ can find Show Me a Sign (Book ​1) ‍on Amazon. Click here to discover the captivating world of Martha’s ⁢Vineyard: ​ Show Me a Sign (Book 1) ⁢- Buy Now!

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